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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kursus Pemerkasaan Jati Diri - COURSE INFORMATION


Motivasi Remaja di bawah kendalian Cikgu Bat kali ini ingin berkongsi Segmen Self esteem Enhancement. Good to discuss, best to be implemented.


Lecture: 28 hours
Directed Self Learning: 38 hours (DL)
Directed Group Learning: 67 hours (DL)
Self Directed Learning: 19 hours
Total Contact Hours: 152 Hours


At the end of this programme the participant will be able;
a. To communicate with simple English with the others in whatever conditions and places.
b. To work in a team.
c. To practice and obey the orders of Allah.
d. To memorise at least surah As Sajadah and able to read fluently the surah Yasin and al Waqiah.
e. To organize a peer group usrah at the learning institution where they are being registered.
f. To handle and manage simple project of liberal Arts.
g. To act as a friend to their parents and be a soleh and solehah kids.
h. To be sensitive and proactive on muslim youngster issues.


This course encourage participant to communicate in simple English meanwhile the contain of the course is more on Islamic Practices and teenage issues.


No. Topic
1. English Grammar Proficiency
2. Effective English Writing
3. English For Communicative Purposes
4. History of Islam Civilization
5. Issues on Malay Muslim Teenagers and Family 12
6. Organize Usrah and Debating issues.
7. Surah hafazan.
8. Project writing
9. Presentation skill
10. Field work


a) Lectures are given to cover principals and examples for each topic
b) Activities by students in conducting search and study on issues risen up
c) Activities by students in search for literature
d) Presentation skills
e) Genuine peers and group learning


1. Test:
Participant will be assessed and grouped by their written skills. Group will be classified in to three groups by the level of knowledge which included;
a. Low
b. Intermediate
c. Advance

2. Genuine Peers or group learning:

To assess the team work, precaution as followed;
a. Members of the group can withdraw from the group as early as 5 days after the formation.
b. The members of the group can expel any members of the group by the choice of the majority as early as 5 days after formation.
c. Viva/interview or Oral evaluation will be conducted as the assessment and one representative will be chosen by random.
c. Writing assignment must be completed aaccording to the following requirement;
1. Being type using;
i. Font style: Times Roman
ii. Font size: 12
iii. Page: 3
iv. Margin: 1 inch top, 1 inch bottom, 1 inch left and 1 inch right.
v. Must be submitted by: day 20
v1. Every group must submit one.
d. Individual assessment only on hafazan.

Programme Outcomes for the Course Pemerkasaan Jati Diri

No Domain Criteria

PO1 Cognitive Ability to acquire and apply basic knowledge of English and Islam.
PO2 Psychomotor Ability to communicate in English effectively not only among Malays.
PO3 Cognitive Ability to identify the young muslim challenge.
PO4 Cognitive Ability to use approach to overcome muslim youngster challenges.
PO5 Psychomotor Ability to act effectively as an individual and in a group, with the leadership, managerial capabilities.
PO6 Affective Understanding of the religion, social, cultural, global an environmental responsibilities and ethics of a good young muslim then behave as an order.
PO7 Affective Recognizing the need to undertake lifelong learning and possessing the capacity to do so.
PO8 Psychomotor Ability to design and conduct project, as well as to interpret data.
PO9 Affective Ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams.
PO10 Psychomotor Having competency and ability to apply Islamic knowledge to overcome specific issues or Malay Muslim Youngster challenge.
PO11 Cognitive Having the contemporary knowledge on Young Muslim issues.

Cikgu Bat
Jurulatih Motivasi Remaja
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